Women’s Problems That Destroy Your Results (Endometriosis and Adhesions)

A little bit of Q and A action for your fine self today:


QUESTION #1:  Hi Richard, Do you treat women of any age? I am 30.
I have been diagnosed with endo, adhesions and as a result I am sub-fertile.
I have had a diagnostic laparoscopy and a laparoscopic procedure to remove 
endo, adhesions and to remove my tubes from uterus and re-open (Dec 2015).

Over the past couple of years I have put on 3 stone and increased 3 dress sizes, 
as I am only 5ft, this is quite a significant amount and is having a detrimental 
affect on my health. 

I eat healthily (most of the time) and exercise however I am continuously putting 
on weight.  I wonder if you have had experience of treating patients with endo.

Many thanks, Rebecca  

ANSWER: Hi Rebecca, Yes I can help women of any age, but over 40’s is my preferred area.

Just checking, when you say endo, do you mean endometriosis?  If so . . .

There is obviously something amiss if you’re exercising, sticking to a diet and still gaining weight.  I have experienced this a lot with past and current clients.  I have helped lots of women suffering from endometriosis.

I can help you, from an exercise and a nutritional perspective, using natural solutions, and that would in turn likely make you more fertile, and lose weight.

If you would like to apply to do some work with me, please let me know and I will send you the application form.

Thanks, Richard

Onto the next question . . .

QUESTION #2: Hi Richard, do you mind if I ask you a daft question!  I want to start having some of the smoothies from the 30 days (of weight loss) book, which
coconut milk is the best to buy for these? Cheers, Alex

ANSWER:  Hi Alex, we use biona organic, get it from amazon, but when needs must we get whatever is available, full fat of course.  Cheers

And the last one for today . . .

QUESTION #3: Hi Richard, Can you tell me a little more about your slimming club please?  What’s different about it compared to weight watchers and slimming world?  Thanks, Rachel

ANSWER: Hi Rachel, If you send me your email address I can send you all the details, location and cost.  It’s every Wednesday in the Llansamlet area of Swansea.

But in brief:  It’s kinda like other slimming clubs in that we meet each week to learn how to reach your ideal weight, but that’s where the similarities end.

We are different because . . .
1.  We don’t let you weigh and leave.
2.  We weigh at the END not at the start.
3.  We encourage you to STAY AWAY from – LOW FAT/SUGAR FREE/GLUTEN FREE.
4.  We encourage you TO EAT –  FULL FAT food and use SALT.
5.  We don’t use points systems, free foods or counting calories.
6.  We don’t JUST help you lose lots of weight, we help you to FEEL better too.

Hope that helps.  Thanks, Rich


That’s all I have time to answer today, because I’m off out to catch some Pokemon with my son.  (I will tell you all about that soon)

Chow for now,


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