How to fix several health problems in one hit

Deep down most people know what’s good for them, slimming applicant Denise writes:

“Although l am 59 years old, l still feel young in my mind. l have several health problems:- type 2 diabetes, arthritis and suffer from depression/anxiety. I honestly feel that losing weight will help me with all of these problems. I have lost over 2 stones on my own, but it is starting to creep back on. Any help will be appreciated”.

Denise is correct, losing weight will help all those health problems, and she’s taken the step to come and try out a class to see if she likes it.

For lots of us, knowing, does not mean doing.

Often, we know the general steps to take.

What to eat.

What not to eat.

And, everyone knows you need to drink more water.

But we still don’t do it.

One aspect and often the only real difference between those who do it, and well, you know, those that just don’t – comes down to the individual and their work ethic.

For example I talk to lots of my members, especially the ones who have been with me the longest, (some going on 10 years straight).  And there’s one thing they almost always have in common:

The same hard nosed work ethic.

An ethic that keeps them consistent on a weekly basis (we do have days off and treats, you dont need to be perfect).

Eating well, weekly.

Avoiding junk, weekly.

And yes, losing weight and getting fitter, weekly.

Those are the kind of members I like.

I try to repel others, like people who can’t commit to anything and they never implement anything I teach, and people who are looking for a “lazy” way to lose weight.

If that’s you, then I’m probably not the butter on your potatoes.


My slimming club may be a good fit.

Or not.

Only one way to find out.

And that’s to try it.

Speaking of the slimming club, one of the main reasons lots of members come, is so that they are accountable.

They have a weekly weigh in and have regular check ups and feedback on what they’re eating.

To see what days times and locations we now have, and become a member, go here:

Richard Clarke

PS – We have two NEW slimming clubs opening this month:

#1.  Llanridian.  Starts 22nd June.  The Purple Badger, Llanrhidian Holiday Park, every Thursday at 6pm. Women only.

#2:  Tesco Llansamlet.  Starts 23rd June. Community room.  Every Friday 12-3pm, this is our first drop in club and is also mixed sex.

To join one of the new clubs, fill out a form on the link above and a leader will contact you.

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