3 reasons why you’re STUCK and can’t lose weight

People often arrive at my door when they have tried everything else.

It seems, to me at least, I’m their last option. (I don’t take it too personally).

They say stuff like:

“I have tried every diet out there, nothing has worked”

I’m not afraid to say, usually this tells me the actual diets are not the problem.

It’s something else.

It’s either them, not doing what they are supposed to or quite often it’s their body which is not working correctly, they can’t lose weight because they’ve been dieting for too long and they are broken.

I have developed a system, which I work through with our members until we uncover the problem.

Its the best way I know to consistently unstick people who can’t lose weight.

Today I will share three of the many potential issues that stop weight loss in its tracks:

REASON #1: Constipation.
If you are constipated, which many women are, this will stop you losing weight.

REASON #2: Sleep.
If you don’t sleep well this will again potentially stop your weight loss and no matter what you do, or how hard you try, you will be stuck.

REASON #3: Nutritional deficiencies.
Your eating habits have left you malnourished and deficient in essential vitamins and minerals and you will never truly get healthy unless you are able to address the imbalances.

Maybe something there rang a bell with you?

Maybe your problem is something else.

Either way, if your stuck, you need to figure out the reason WHY you’re not losing weight, and more importantly have a SIMPLE plan to fix it, my slimming club would be good fit.

It teaches the NEW rules of weight loss, as opposed to the outdated OLD ones, so you know you’re not wasting time anymore, following bum advice.

For more info and to join, go here and fill out a form:


Richard Clarke

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