Why Weight Watchers may be cheaper, but not better

On the controversial topic of money:

“Weight Watchers is cheaper” was the comment made on my Facebook.

And it may well be, by a couple of pounds a month, but my feathered fried, you know cheaper is not always better.

I’m not saying price isn’t important, it is, none of us want to pay more than we should, but sometimes there are more important things than saving a quid or two.

Let’s use yesterday as an example, it was Father’s day, we had an Indian Buffet in the Anarkali and a Joes ice cream.

The thing with buffets is you go in thinking, wow look at all this food, then you leave with stomach ache, feeling like you couldn’t eat another bite.

Something else about buffets is that they are always – all you can eat – for one low price.

Which seems great value. (Our family went to this indian buffet for a few reasons, for one my dad likes it, its next to Joes, but the fact it’s great quality for a reasonable price was a factor).

However, despite this apparent value, most people, including myself and my members, would mostly prefer to go to a normal restaurant, where you in effect, eat less food, and pay more.

Why? Because we know that when it comes to food, cheaper isn’t always better, especially for shifting some timber.

The cheaper isn’t always better mantra can also be applied to slimming plans.

Some slimming plans offer “eat as much of these muller lights or pasta as you like”.

But as it is with many people preferring the restaurant over the buffet, so it is with my slimming club plans, people tell me they want quality, and know deep down that a plan that allows you to eat as much pasta as you like won’t work for them.

Plus, as we get older I believe its a case of preferring quality over quantity, and you also get wiser, you know the problems low quality, cheap foods cause, like bloating, indigestion and constipation, and thats not worth saving money for.

The lesson: some people see the price of everything and the value of nothing.

If you like the finer things in life, and would like to join a slimming club which focuses on quality not quantity, go here for more info:


Richard Clarke

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