Why It’s NOT Just About Low Carbs

People think that eating low (or no carbs) is the solution to all their problems.

Until it stops working.

Just like a client who came in recently who was training for 10 hrs a week and couldn’t lose any weight.

They were following a low carb plan and had hit a plateau after losing over 70lbs. I changed their plan and they lost 4lbs the following week.

Let me explain a few things you ought to know…

Carbohydrates have quite rightly been identified as one of the main food groups which cause people to gain weight, or just not let them be able to lose weight.

Based on that information, lots of ladies are following plans with little or no carbohydrates. And very often they are actually SCARED of carbs and what they may do to their progress. (but it’s funny they are not scared by wine or chocolate)

Either way, people get “low carb” and “no carb” all wrong.

*Low carbs is not a long term solution.

*We all need carbohydrates for our bodies to work properly.

*Low carb is not the perfect diet plan, if you abuse it.

*Low carb diets are not suitable for people with high stress or someone who has depression.

*Low carb diets are not suitable for people who do lots of exercise.

Want to know what the perfect way to eat carbs is?

Well, you will have to join one of my weight loss programs to find out how much, what type and when to eat your carbohydrates, and STILL keep losing weight.

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Richard Clarke

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