How To STOP Accumulating Health Complaints, And Maybe Get Rid Of A Few

Maria lost 14lbs in a month and now realises she is in control of her life and that weight loss is a side effect of being healthy:


I initially joined this class with a mate in September to support a friend with pre-wedding weight loss. She’s now left the group but as I was so happy with the plan & progress I’ve made I stayed. I was chuffed to lose nearly a stone in the first month just following the core plan & felt really nice in my dress for the wedding. I love the fact that the plan focus on health & well being & educating you about food & your body & how it works to help advise you for the future (just not here & now)…weight loss is just a happy side affect of being healthy and feeling better in your own skin . The groups are educational but informal & friendly where Marilyn & Rich provide advice on weekly topics & more personal advice when needed. There’s no guilt or lectures but a realisation that your in control of your own life & what goes in your body as fuel. Tried other diets in the past, which have worked short term, but still been looking for something that’s right for me & sustainable for the future…I think I’ve found it! If like me your accumulating health complaints with time, struggling with weight gain & above all just not feeling healthy, give this a whirl. What have you got to lose( and I don’t endorse things lightly). Maria Bennet.


To get benefits like this, and start getting slim in January, you’ll need to fill out a form here:

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