Simple Hack To Stop You Gaining Weight This December

Let me share a hack with you that helps my wife and I stay in shape even when we don’t eat that well:

This hack is so simple, you should already be doing it. But the fact of the matter is most people aren’t.

When I tell you what this hack is, you will probably dismiss it as “obvious”. Its almost something you could easily think wasn’t that important, compared to all the other stuff  you’re meant to do.

But if you did this one thing EVERYDAY it would protect you from gaining weight at this Xmas.

Ive spoken about this before, and, I know you’re not stupid, but people always forget to do this one, when it really makes all the difference, not only to your love handles but also to how much energy you have too.

Ok that’s enough of my teasing….the hack is drinking more water. Specifically drinking a minimum of 2 liters a day, everyday.

water glass isolated with clipping path included

Just because this hack is simple one, don’t be foolish and underestimate its value.

The benefits to be able to prevent weight gain (in December), are of course numerous. I wont bore you and list them off, but I have no qualms reminding you about this stuff from time to time, because at the end of the day we learn through repetition.

To learn all the ins and outs of how to lose weight fast and have the energy of a pubescent teenager in a nightclub, grab yourself a glass of water and head over here:

Richard Clarke

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