Ok hold onto your knickers, this may sting a little.

Over the last 20 years I have helped thousands of women improve their lives and feel better, get slimmer and fitter, yada yada yada.

BUT during that time, I have also FAILED to help lots of women too, probably hundreds of women.

I used to take it personally and see it as some sort of failure.

Until that was, I realised that perhaps I wasn’t the problem.

Some people are UN-HELP-ABLE.

Yes I said it.

-Some people just pick holes and look for reasons (aka excuses)

NOT to do it.

-Some people are looking to find a problem, so they can walk away without it being “their fault”.

And you know what, it’s pretty common.

They just want to protect their ickle feelingz.

But alas, however normal it may be, it’s NOT good if you want to change your wicked ways and become a healthy, fit momma!

And of course, if you look for problems you will certainly find them.

So if that sounds like you, I can’t help you lose weight and get fitter, no one can, in my opinion.

For everyone else, go here (3 options):

1.My online academy –

2. One-one/group training –

3. My new slimming club (you need to fill out a form) –

Richard Clarke

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