The Beer Diet‏

Yesterday I told you about the crazy Cocaine diet.

Someone confessed to having done it and said it definitely works and definitely helps you lose everything good in your life.

That was part one of five, of this “stupid diets that work” series.

And, I really hope you didn’t try it or even consider it.

If you did, then you are truly a crazy fool yourself and should leave and don’t return until you have changed your wicked ways.

What’s that?

You didn’t try it…


Here’s another one that will help you “lose weight” but have some awful side effects.

The Welsh people and the boozers will love this one:

The Beer Fasting Diet

This isn’t half as devastating as the cocaine diet. (unless you’re an alcoholic, then I guess it’s just as bad.)

And this diet is just as described:

You live on nothing except beer for a day or two.

You will certainly lose weight.

But you will definitely feel like crap for a week afterwards.

And get the shakes like a shivering dog.

Plus when you do start eating again, even if it’s healthy, you will gain all the weight you lost back and more, and bloat out like you’ve swallowed a bowling ball.

So yes, you will lose weight on the beer fast diet.

But only for a day or two.

And I’m sure it would be a fun/interesting couple of days, sounds a lot like a “stag or hen party”.

After that you will gain it all back and more, no matter what you eat.

Therefore it would of course be STUPID to do it, just to jump start your weight loss.

A much better option to jump start your weight loss is my private members academy.

It costs less than a case of beer a week ($12.50/£8.65).

Works just as fast as the beer fasting diet (without fasting or starving yourself – in fact, you can even eat some so called “bad foods” like curries, spicy meatballs, samosa’s, onion bhajis and deserts like rice pudding and Lemon Soufflé).

And it comes with a guarantee nobody else in the industry is willing to match:

You either look noticeably lighter and fitter in the next 14 days or you won’t pay a single penny.

You can read about it here:

Richard Clarke

PS – Tomorrow I’m gong to tell you about another stupid diet that works…and as you may expect, they just get sillier and sillier.

PPS If you’re local and want a solution another good option to jump start your weight loss would be to join my slimming club in Swansea.

It costs much less than a case of beer a week (£5).

You are either noticeably lighter in the next 28 days or you won’t pay a single penny.

The first three weeks of the club, members have lost between 6lbs and 15lbs. The average being about 9lbs.

It’s every Wednesday, in Llansamlet, 7.10pm.

Hit reply and let me know if you want to grab one of the last few spaces.

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