Barbara From Weigh Watchers Doesn’t Like It

In my humble opinion, Facebook is a wonderful thing.

Lots of lovely people.

There are also lots of people bumping their gums about stuff they “think” they know.

We are all guilty of it.

We believe what we believe, and if someone comes along and says something which is totally the OPPOSITE to what we think, it creates the urge to tell them they are wrong.

Like when Barbara told me I was wrong about SALT on Facebook last weekend.

She said she stays well away from the stuff, as suggested by Weight Watchers.

Barbara, like many people, still believe salt is the DEVIL reincarnate and will cause high blood pressure, heart attacks and death.

I’m not going to get into it now but I will ask you this:

How can something (like salt) found in EVERY cell in the human body, be bad for you?

Barbara also added that Weight Watchers encourage people to limit their intake of sugar, which is spot on.

But if they are keen on reducing sugar, why do they encourage people to eat low fat foods, which are high in sugar?

Funny logic if you ask me.

Now before any of you Weight Watchers die hards think about sending me a piece of your mind, this was not meant to be a bashing of other slimming clubs.

They work for lots of people.

But this is just to demonstrate that what we do is quite different.

We allow salt, butter and full FAT natural foods and maybe to your surprise we still get people to lose lots of weight fast.

So it’s up to you to decide.

If you like salt on your food go here and fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

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