“I’m Doing Everything Right and I’m Not Losing Weight”

Ok sweet cheeks, get a load of this . . .

A while ago one of my members came to me and said:

“I’m doing everything right, and I’m not losing weight”.

She also said that she felt like she did everything she was supposed to: exercise, eating right, etc, but she just wasn’t seeing the results she wanted, and she didn’t think she would ever get there, and from now on, she was just going to accept that’s just the way it was.

To me it seemed as if she was giving up.

Of course, as she’s been a member for a long time, I just ignored all that and knew she was being a little over dramatic. With all due respect, not many people are doing EVERYTHING right, all of the time.

After 20 years, I have come to learn that when one of my members says stuff like that, they need a chat, some help and an explanation as to maybe why.

So, I have a system, a simple checklist, to help me figure out why someone’s “not losing weight”.

But with this member, none of that was needed.

I asked: “What about the four months you had off when you moved house? you gained 21lbs because you were stressed and came off your diet”

Her reply: “Oh yes, I forgot about that”.

I also give her a firm talking to and said I thought she was being unrealistic, and that I didn’t think she should just accept her current situation for a second, and there was PLENTY MORE she could do.

Tough love, maybe.

But she loved it, and after our chat the lady in question quickly lost 11lbs, and felt much better about the world.

The lesson: If you’re fed up and frustrated with your lack of progress, and are maybe even close to giving up altogether, you would benefit from having an outsider to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes and to point out something you are missing.

To get the help of myself and my team to help you figure out how to “unstick” yourself, and get a dose of honesty and a helping of tough love, one of my personal training programmes or a slimming club may help.

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Richard Clarke

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