How To Make Your Friends Green With Envy

Being jealous of others is apparently quite natural.

We look at them and see what they HAVE or where they ARE in life, and want that for ourselves.

Jealously is an emotion based on negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear and concern.

It doesn’t just happen with us humans either, animals can get jealous too. I haven’t tested this out myself, but it’s a story I have been told.

It’s about crabs.

If you put a crab in a bucket on its own, apparently, it can use those claws and pinchers to climb out.

However, if you put two or more crabs in a bucket, none of them can climb out.


Because, when there is more than one crab in a bucket and one of them makes a break for it, the others, pull it back into the bucket.

If crabs could talk, it’s kinda saying:

“If I can’t get outa here, then neither are you”.

This relates to your slimming too.

Case in point: Amanda told me her friends are jealous that she is losing weight.

“Go on, one drink won’t harm”.

“You look great, you don’t need to lose weight”.

If THEY can’t lose weight, they don’t want her to lose it either.

But she doesn’t care.

In fact she likes it.

And now she is out of the bucket, or so to speak, she said it feels good to be the envy of her little group of friends.

The lesson: If you’re on a good run dropping some serious timber, don’t let your friends drag you down to their level and stop your progress.



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Richard Clarke

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