Irish Stew

This is a great delicious dish and a perfect way of warming you up on a cold winter’s day.


2 large potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced

300g boned lean lamb, cut into chunks

1 large onion, thinly sliced

4 carrots, sliced

Freshly ground black pepper

300ml stock

Chopped fresh parsley, spring onion or chives, to garnish



  1. Layer up all of the ingredients in a heavy based saucepan; start with a layer of potatoes and then adding a layer of lamb, followed by the carrots and then the onions. Continue to layer in this order and add pepper between the layers, until all ingredients are used up, finish with a topping of overlapping potatoes.
  2. Pour in the stock, cover the pan and cook gently over a very low heat for about 2-2 ½ hours, until the meat is meltingly tender and the stew has thickened.
  3. Serve the stew immediately, sprinkled with chopped parsley, spring onions or chives, with steamed green vegetables (broccoli, cabbage or spring greens).

A quick tip; this dish can also be cooked in a slow cooker, it will take between 6-8 hours. So if you assemble everything in the morning you’ll have a tasty meal ready for you when you reurn home in the evening.


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