Is your food making you (and your kids) ugly

True story:

Over 60 years ago, a dentist named Western A Price noticed that children were becoming uglier and getting sicker.

Specifically he noticed, something that’s still going on today, that crowded and crooked teeth were becoming more common, along with overbites, narrow faces, underdevelopment of the nose and a lack of well defined cheekbones.

He also noticed that these same children were suffering more infections, allergies, asthma, anemia, lack of coordination and poor eye sight, than their better looking counterparts.

It begged the obvious question, why was this happening?

Being the inquisitive type, he decided he would travel around the world to study the health and physical development of what today we call tribal people.

He travelled around the world visiting Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Peru and the Amazon, and he took lots of photos of the said tribes people.

His findings were worrying.

He took photos of the isolated tribes people and noticed that they had perfect straight teeth and had “splendid physical development”.

He compared them to other tribal groups that had stopped eating their traditional foods, and had replaced them with modern foods, like sugar, refined carbohydrates and tinned foods, and found they had lots of tooth decay, illness and degenerative health conditions.

A *side effect* of processed food that not too many people know about.

Now you know.

Eating bad food can make you, and your kids, ugly and sick.

Another great example of how dangerous “man made” chemical filled foods can be.

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