Things that go pee in the night

Saw this in the news:

“Night time loo trips linked to salt in the diet.”

Do you get up to pee in the night?

Its such a pain, waking up with the urge to pee and then sometimes it can take you a while to get back to sleep.

Anyway, those clever clog scientists have discovered that people who wake at night wanting to pee may need to cut back on salt in their diets.

The people who did manage to cut back on the salt in their diet saw their night time pee trips halved.

Its a real problem.

It’s especially bad for anyone who’s trying to drop some lard.


Im glad you asked my little Wee Willy Winky.

It’s because it’s ruining your sleep.

If your sleeping pattern is disturbed, you will suffer amongst other things, from tiredness and an increased appetite, which after a while is not a pretty sight because the combination can make you very grumpy and emotional.

Like most things, you can ignore this, but it just gets worse.

You become exhausted, hungrier, grumpier, and of course fatter.

The solution suggested by UK doctors is (drum roll . . .) follow a sensible diet.

Which is easier said than done.

Its not just a matter of cutting out salt per se.

For example, the salt we’re talking about, that may be the cause of your night time peeing, is the salt found in processed, packaged foods, and quite often, is *hidden*, and is harder to cut out.

The best way I know to follow a sensible diet, which is suitable for the whole family, is to join one of my slimming clubs and learn the “new rules” of weight loss.

It’s NOT for people who jump from diet to diet and give up after a month.

It IS for people who value simplicity and a straight forward approach.

If you’re one of those, go here to fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

PS – In other news teenage pregnancies are at a record low, its probably got something to do with their parents keeping them up all night going to the loo 😉

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