The case against losing weight at ANY cost

A dogma exists in society today where most people think in order to lose weight they need to focus on, well, losing weight.

Which is a logical thing to do, hell I used to do it myself.

Until someone pointed out to me, what I m about to point out to you today.

You should never lose weight at the sake of your health.

I’ve met many a slimmer, who despite having lost lots of weight, is in terrible health.

They look terrible and have the energy of a sloth on valium. You know the ones, they give diets a bad name, they look so ill they make you worried about them, but they don’t give a rats arse because they’re a size friggin 10.

Many diet plans focus on weight loss at all costs, and they usually restrict important food groups like fats, but encourage you to eat “low fat” foods laden with sugar, this may help you temporarily get better numbers on the scales, but you will be slowly destroying your health and may lead to you becoming weight loss resistant in the future.

If you choose “weight loss at any cost”, you may:

-Get sick more often
-Have very little energy
-Sleep poorly
-Have no libido or drive to get things done
-Cant cope with stressful situations

The lesson: losing weight at the detriment of your health is a false economy.

Personally I could get (even) better weight loss results with all my members, but it would be at the detriment of their health, and I’m just not willing to do that for the sake of a couple of extra pounds on the scales.

Neither should you.

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Richard Clarke

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