Message From Fussy Eater Joanne

Had this message from fussy eater Joanne:

Hi Richard, I would really like to give it (the slimming club) a go, the problem is I don’ t like a lot of vegetables and don’t like salad or pasta or rice, so I m worried the diet might not be for me. Joanne

My Response:
Hi Joanne, Yes it probably is not for you if I’m totally honest, you need to eat “proper” food on the plan. We don’t encourage pasta so that’s ok, and if you like potatoes you could have those.

But maybe you could focus on what you can eat rather than what you can’t. You’re welcome to come and try a free class, it’s up to you. Hope that helps.

Now I see this a lot, women focusing on what they CAN’T DO, rather than looking at what they can do.

Just like this lady, saying she really wants to give it a go, and in the next breath coming up with reasons why she couldn’t.

It seems, to me at least, that its a mindset issue.

The solution: if you’re a fussy eater, and don’t like “a lot of vegetables” you have to focus on what you can eat, rather than spend all day whining about what you can’t eat.

And for the record, if you follow my eating plan, you don’t have to eat anything you don’t like, but will have to eat some fresh healthy ingredients (or you’re doomed anyway).

If, and when, you’re ready to focus on what you like rather than what you don’t like, and want a little expert help, put on your big girls pants and go here now and fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

PS – Have you already filled out a form or have been to a meeting before?

Do you still want to lose weight?

And finally, do you want to do it all before Xmas?

See more details below and come along to the next meeting near you.

Slimming Club’s – Days, Times, Locations & Costs

1. Llansamlet: Wednesday at 6.30pm and 7.10pm, in the Enterprise Zone.

2. Sketty: Mondays at 6.30pm, in the Adventist Church on Sketty Cross.

3. Felinfoel: Wednesdays at 6.30pm, in Felinfoel Church Hall.

Cost: £25 for 4 weeks or £65 for 12 weeks.

So if you want to lose 10-14lbs in the next 4 weeks, take the next step and
come along to a meeting near you.

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