Just checking . . . Do They Even Make Adults Anymore?

Some people are so sensitive.

You cant say anything to anyone anymore.

They can say what the hell they want to you, but you can’t say anything back to them.

They take offence at everything.

You cant show any emotion or passion for fear of being told to calm down.

Some people have no back bone.

They can’t handle the smallest setbacks in life.

And they are of course doomed to fail, this weakness makes them unable to achieve what they want in life.

They are good at criticising others and only seeing problems.

They take no personal responsibility.

As soon as they feel things aren’t going their way, they see it as a huge problem, and “throw their toys out of the pram”.

And of course these types don’t even consider that people around them may actually have real “adult” problems.

For example:

I have a young mother who’s 4 year old daughter has had her kidney removed, and has just finished chemo therapy.

Despite all of this, she is asking me what MORE she can do to lose weight and regularly attends my slimming club and one of my exercise groups.

She is a REAL ADULT, in my opinion.

She just gets on with things and has so much strength (the whole family do).

So that’s my little rant. If you want to join my little fitness family, you know where I stand on this topic.

No drama queens please.

If you have emotional maturity, and are an official “proper adult” and can handle the basics in life, go here now (3 options):

1.My online academy – https://www.richard-clarke.co.uk/academy/

2. One-one/group training – http://personaltrainerswansea.co.uk/packages.asp

3. My new slimming clubs (you need to fill out a form) –https://richardclarke.wufoo.com/forms/wbruzyl1ufk1mb/ (Llansamlet club)

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Richard Clarke

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