How To Boost Your Immune System Without Expensive Supplements

Ok twinkle toes, I’ve got some seasonal Q and A, which will help you look after your fine self:

QUESTION #1: Hi Richard, its that time of year when I always get ill, I’ve just had my first head cold and sore throat and was wondering if you can recommend a supplement to boost my immune system please? Thanks, Heather

ANSWER: Hi Heather, yes lots of people are just like you. I am a big lover of supplements but don’t really recommend you blindly follow my (or anyone else’s) supplement advice as it will lead to a scatter gun approach (and scatter gun results too).

Ordinarily, I can only recommend supplements once I’ve assessed you and there are lots of things that can boost your immune system.

That said, there is one I recommend EVERYONE takes, year round too, as its highly likely you will be deficient living in our UK climate, and its vitamin D. It s low cost and will boost your health and certainly help keep sickness at bay.

Vitamins Word Cloud

Next question please . . .

QUESTION #2: Hi Rich, I know we are not meant to eat too much root veg, but this time of the year I like to make a stew. What do you recommend I use instead? Kelly

ANSWER: Hi Kelly, You’re quite right, for weight loss you should not eat too much root veg, but you can eat it, and a fair size portion too. Stew is very nourishing, especially if you use bones. Treat root veg the same as a potato, have lots of meat, onions and the juice, and a smaller portion of the root veg and potato, add some greens too. Enjoy

Time for one more . . .

QUESTION #3: Hi Richard, I would like a copy of your book about the new rules of weight loss. My friend borrowed mine and has been doing well following the meal plan, so I want to get her a copy for Xmas. I’m enjoying your emails. Thanks, Emma

ANSWER: Hi Emma, Thanks for your kind words. Yes you can order paperback copies of the book here:

And that’s all for today.

That’s some great free advice. Do with that what you will.

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