Why Women With These Personality Traits Gain The Most Weight

6 Personality Traits That Can Make or Break Your Slimming

First up, the game BREAKERS:

#1 Extroverted – Extroverts are more likely to eat out with friends and thus may eat larger portions of unhealthier foods. Extroverts can also have big highs and lows and be slightly neurotic. Which leads me nicely to . . .

#2 Neurotic – people have a tendency toward emotional eating of sweet and savoury foods to help them cope with negative emotions. If you’re prone to mood swings you will struggle to be consistent with your slimming.

and now the game MAKERS:

#3 Conscientious – this trait prevents over consumption of food and restricts your eating. A conscientious person is, generally speaking, more disciplined when it comes to making good food choices as opposed to bad ones.

#4 Introverted – introverts may have an advantage as they are calmer and more considered in their choices. Introverts usually display more restraint.

#5 Self-Compassion – People who have high self-compassion don t beat themselves up for every mistake they make. They move on from mistakes and learn how to avoid making the same mistakes again.

#6 Self-Centered – Selfish people are actually more inclined to look after themselves and their health. For people pleasers, the opposite may be true, sacrificing their health to do for others.

You can see from the list that your slimming success (and success in life) is linked closely to your personality.

And don’t worry if you’re like me, and suffer from being neurotic and extroverted, all is not lost, you just need to make a few adjustments to your approach and you’ll see good results, if not better than anyone else. (Your personality is a double edged sword).

To learn how to adjust your approach to slimming to account for your personality, go here now:


Richard Clarke

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