Message From Sarah: “Sounds Like She Has An Axe To Grind” (Q & A)

I’ve had quite a response to yesterdays email where I was called an idiot for helping fix someones thyroid problems.

So i’m going to share some comments and answer a couple of the questions that came in.

Lets hop to it:

Frankie said: “Boom. Well done mate. Great response”.

Thank you Frankie.

Next . . .

Sarah said: “People in Swansea know your the best. Sounds like she had an axe to grind.”

Ok stop it Sarah, or i’m gonna get a big head, ok an even bigger head than I already have.

One more . . .

Michelle said: “To be honest, i’d listen to you over most doctors i’ve seen. Great response. X”

Not sure whether you should be listening to me that much Michelle, I could take advantage and have so much fun, haha, but I appreciate your confidence in me.

Thanks, now strip to the waist please.

Lets move swiftly onto your questions:



Hiya Rich

I’ve got under active thyroid just like my Nana, so has my sister and omg my hair is fallen out and thinning terribly since being on the tablets and I’ve put on 1 stone in weight. What are the supplement t3 tablets I’ve read so much on this subject.

Thanks, Lisa X

ANSWER: Hi Lisa, yes so many people are suffering with their thyroids, weight gain and problems with their hair, its a huge problem. Its a complicated subject, hence why I needed to check things over with the Dr.

Lots of people have asked the same question, I cant really advise you take the supplement without seeing you first, and finding out more about your health and nutrition, you cant just start taking stuff willy nilly, it could make things worse. X

Next question . . .


Oh dear me, the bad side of the internet. What difference does it make to her anyway?

The client was pleased with the results, main objective surely. Keyboard warriors or as they are more commonly known shithouses.

Good stuff mate. Alex

ANSWER: Yes I agree, not sure what her problem was or what difference it made to her, twas rude. People fascinate me, the internet brings out the crazies.


I’m afraid that’s all the fun and games I have for you today folks.

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Richard Clarke

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