“Who The Hell Do You Think You Are” (she called me an idiot)

Just had this from angry subscriber Rhian about yesterday’s email:

“You can’t help people with an under active thyroid, you’re not a Dr. Who the hell do you think you are, you’re just a jumped up personal trainer, and will
make people ill. You are an idiot.”

Let’s ignore all the insults and the fact that this lady is obviously not happy with me helping Julie’s thyroid problems, improve her energy and stop her hair falling out.

She thinks a Doctor should have done what I did, even though she didn’t know what I did to “fix” the situation.doctorHow did I know what to do?

Firstly, I’ve seen this lots of times before, have been on conferences with Doctors who have taught me about the science behind this situation, and am suitably qualified (and experienced) to work with people with health problems and who take medication.

But that said I do know my limits. . . just in case you were thinking I was an idiot too.

Julie told me about the blood test results, and I emailed a copy to my buddy, and GP of 25 years, Dr Mark Daniels:


Hi Mark,

Just wondering if you could help me out and have a quick look at these test results please. The lady is in a terrible state. Hair falling out, no energy at all.

They have suggested a reduction in her thyroxine. She seems to think it should be increased. I’m going to put her on (x supplements), to help her thyroid out and help her to convert the t4 in the thyroxine into t3.

Your input would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rich

He emailed right back with this ANSWER:

Hi Rich,

Test shows she is suppressing tsh. This may be because she is getting too much artificial t4. More likely with her symptoms she may not be converting to t3. Or she may be having reverse t3 blocking her receptors. To start with she should have full Tft I.e tsh t4 and t3 unfortunately reverse t3 is not available on nhs. She should resist a reduction until these are done.

I think the supplements are a good idea. Let me know the full results when she gets them.


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