My X Is Too Big

Whenever I send emails like this I have to be very careful

Anyway this one is worth it.

Hold on tight.

So you need to “guess” the word at one point.

I was having a good laugh watching one of my favourite comedians the other night.

Peter Kay.

He was joking about the TV program embarrassing bodies.

In case you didn’t guess already, the basis of the program is that people disclose shockingly embarrassing things about their bodies.

The particular episode he was making jokes about ladies who said:

My XXXXXX is too big.”

Now I will give you a clue as to what XXXXXX is

I have heard it called lots of things, here is a short selection of the more allowable names:

-Foo foo
-Thruppeny bit

Moving swiftly on.

All jokes aside, having EMBARRASSING problems with your body is very common.

Especially after 35 – 40 years of age.

I know all about it, having had endoscopy, in front of my mate’s mother.

^^^Now that was embarrassing.^^^

In some cases nature has just decided that some of us have different shapes and sizes of our bits.

And there is nothing we can really do.

If our bodies don’t comply to what is standard it causes us to experience problems, we get embarrassed and understandably we want it to be “normal”

Now I can’t help you if you have a big….a big…. well you know what I mean.

I’m not qualified to comment and I wasn’t brave enough to google search for solutions.

But I can help with other embarrassing things like:


-Pelvic floor problems.

-Having body hair like a man.



-Poor balance

-Or just being totally unfit and weak

(that reminds me I must get the wife a xmas present)

Taking action alleviates the anxiety

And helps remove the embarrassment.

All you need to supply is the elbow grease.

Richard Clarke

PS – Tomorrow I have a little tale from someone who dared to refuse the flu jab…

Until then you sexy beast.


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