Oh My Gosh I Love It

I had this very satisfying and SMUG response from a subscriber:

It was in response to one of my recent posts about the flu vaccine.

“Oh my gosh I love it.”
“Each year at work all employees are “offered” (or in other words coerced into) the flu jab.  
I’m a real natural only girl when it comes to preventatives and curing measures.  
Of course I always politely turn the offer down much to the horror of the management.  
This year the GM said to me why would you turn it down when it is free – I said to him “Oh I didn’t realise I am supposed to be so grateful that you want to pay to put poison in me!”.  
He just said oh you will be the last one laughing when you are sick and everyone else is well – guess what – they ALL got the flu, some of them twice and I never got it once HAHAHAHAHA – now who’s laughing.”
Lynda (not so silly) Braithwaite

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Richard Clarke

PS – Tomorrow I have a story about an annoying kid from the village/neighbourhood where I grew up.

Speak more then…

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