Personal training member Julie says:

Personal training member Julie says:


Hi Rich, I thought I’d drop you a line in case any of your other women are having similar issues to me.

As you know in the past I’ve had terrible trouble with hair loss and at one point I thought I was going to go bald as it was coming out in clumps. I love my hair and the thought of going thin on top absolutely terrified me. I hadn’t given it much thought but looking back the food I used to eat was causing my hair loss.

Ive just now come from the hair dressers and I’m thrilled, she said my hair is the best its been for years and is returning back to normal! Personally I put it all down to the food you’ve had me eating, the improvements have all come about since I started training and following your plan.

Thanks X


What you eat and the condition of your hair are closely linked.

To get results like Julie you wont go far wrong joining one of my slimming clubs, the exercise wont be included but its the food advice I gave that fixed her hair..

We have three locations and six, soon to be 8, groups.

Of course to get in on the action you’ll need to make the first move.

To do that, go here:

Richard Clarke

PS – We are only accepting “past” members to the gym until the end of play today (Wed 31st May 2017), however in a month or so we will have a new gym, so you’re welcome to fill out a form and start when it is ready.

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