Overfed And Undernourished (read this if you’re always hungry)‏

^^^That’s how I would describe most people with a weight problem.^^^

There is no shortage of food, but a huge shortage of nourishment.

You see, the basic needs of the body are not being met when you eat something like a bowl of cereal or some toast.

Those sorts of foods are just providing the body with FUEL, but not many nutrients.

Your body NEEDS nutrients to perform the many daily tasks and allow the body to work normally.

And one sign you are not eating meals which are providing you with enough nutrients is CONSTANT HUNGER.

When people follow my meal plans, a very common piece of feedback I get is about their appetite, they tell me, they don’t feel so hungry all of the time.

Which is a huge relief.

There are many reasons for this change, which is all brought about by nourishing your body with good foods and removing the rubbish.

Simple stuff, but alas, simple does not always mean easy.

To follow one of my nutrient filled, appetite reducing meal plans, is also quite simple, I provide you with the meal plan, the instructions and all the recipes.

I’m even on hand to answer any questions that crop up.

But I can’t provide the motivation needed to get off your arse and take some action, and of course I can’t provide the elbow grease.

So if you are motivated and are willing to put in the effort required, read more about it, and get started immediately by clicking here:



Richard Clarke

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