Reverse type II diabetes with this simple hack

Someone I know said:

“I never asked to be a diabetic”.

Which I’m sure they didn’t.

But it is their fault.

That may sound a bit harsh, but type II diabetes is a lifestyle disease and is self inflicted.

They also told me: “I’ve been seeing the dietician for 9 months and done everything they’ve said and I’ve put on weight”.

For many years, diabetics were advised to follow a high carbohydrate, low fat diet. Specifically they were advised to eat 9-14 portions of carbohydrate a DAY. To include: bread, pasta, potatoes, rice cereal, fruits and vegetables.

The trouble with that approach for a type II diabetic, is you won’t lose any weight.

Maybe you’ve tried it and have discovered that for yourself. Carbohydrates are not what you need and you certainly don’t need sugar filled low fat foods either.

Surely anyone can see that to help “fix” a disease that’s caused in essence by high blood sugar, you need to reduce the intake of ….well…sugars.

Some forward thinking people, like yours truly, have been following a different approach to the NHS for the last 10 years.

Even some local doctors, like Dr Mark Daniels (the one I did 60 episodes of a radio show called “you me and the GP” with) are giving different advice to the NHS.

The advice: to eat a low carbohydrate, normal fat meal plan.

Plus, the good news is even though the NHS call type II diabetes a lifelong condition, its not, and it can be reversed.

I help people do it all the time.

Of course, following a low carb plan is much easier said than done, so many people make a real mess of it.

To learn how to eat a low carbohydrate plan that may reverse your diabetes, joining one of my slimming clubs would be a good move.

If you follow it properly, it will not only sort out your diabetes, but my plan will also reduce your cholesterol too.

For membership info, and to fill out a form, go here:

Richard Clarke

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