She Got Her Confidence Back

I had a client who came to see me because she was having trouble with a nagging injury.
But today is not about the injury it’s about what happened when it was fixed.

This lady’s knee was dominating her life, her thoughts and her mood, because it was stopping her keeping in shape and with it she was getting more and more depressed.
She told me she was arguing with her parents and people close to her.
She was 45, had been single for a few years and deep down wanted to have a new fella but she said couldn’t even think about men, because she felt so shit about herself.
And to top it off she had PCOS, which was causing her to grow facial hair.
(google it if you don’t know what it is)
It’s fair to say she was in a bit of a hole and her confidence was shot.  
We put a plan in place which focused on three things:
– exercising twice a week
– a specific diet for PCOS
– and lots of massage and stretching
I think it was about three or four weeks into the programme when she first left the gym buzzing and feeling happy.
We cracked on with the programme for the next six months.
Over this time, we became good friends and I knew she REALLY wanted to meet a NICE man not in a desperate way mind you in more of a the time is right kind of way.
It’s only natural to want to be in a relationship, it’s human nature, I shared this story with her.
It is a true story of a woman from Wales who went on a business trip to Italy.
She had to give an important presentation and pick up papers to take back to her boss.
The presentation had gone well and she was in the taxi on her way back to the airport when she realised she had been pickpocketed.
Her money, passport and all her documents we gone.
She couldn’t travel home.  
Her boss was going to hit the roof.
She had to go the the embassy to get a new passport but it would take days.
Distressed she went back to her hotel for dinner. Afterwards she got chatting with a man about what had happened.
They talked for hours, you could say they hit it off.
They stayed in touch.
To cut a long one short – they eventually got married and had two kids.
To this day she still thanks the pickpocket for stealing from her and changing the course of her life and giving her family to her ;-).
What a great story. We really never know what’s around the corner.
I like to see people in love and happy, after all – they are always so positive and optimistic, soppy buggers.
Back to my buddy…
With all of the changes she had made, she started to gain confidence and a bit more positivity.
She dropped weight and lost the excess 10-14lbs she had put on.
You probably know how it goes from here…she started to look good…and then she started to feel good.
Next time I saw her we had a workout and a massage and she told me she was texting back and fore with some guy from the gym. It was early days though and nothing had happened – yet.
Over the next few months things developed and she is now in a relationship with this really nice guy.
I’m telling you this because I have seen this happen so many times before someone comes to me feeling down and lacking confidence and after a while they feel better and get their confidence back (and if appropriate sometimes they find a little LOVE).
You won’t meet the person of your dreams or make your husband/wife/partner happy until you FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF.
You have to start with making yourself happy and then you can make others happy, not the other way around.
Fitness and health leads to you feeling and looking better which brings more love and happiness your way in many forms, love if you’re single better relationships (and sex too!) if your married or with a partner.
Take care,
PS – This week’s podcast discusses Angina, we give herbalife a good going over, we talk about lighter life diet plan, protein shakes and supplements, we also answer questions on how NOT to lose too much weigh when training, how to start running when you haven’t done it for years, and what exercises and things to do when you have osteoarthritis. Tis a cracker as they say in Ireland.

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