She Took Issue With What I Said

A reader took “issue” with me over something I wrote.

Which by the way I have no problem with.

It’s like the soccer coach Brian Clough use to say about disagreements with his players:

We talk about it for 20 minutes, and then decide I was right” 😉

But seriously, here is the email one of my loyal, slightly annoyed, subscribers sent.

There is a lesson therein.

Hi Rich, 
Love your column and book but felt the need to take issue with you over your comments about the running lady.  
Done properly running is a great exercise and parkrun a brilliant organisation for getting people of all shapes and sizes into running, I fear some would read what you said and read into it “running is bad”.
Also latest research seems to be saying that running doesn’t knacker the knees it’s the twisting and short burst type exercise such as squash and football that does more damage.
All the best
So just to be clear about my stance on Running, I’m going to share my response:

Hey Sue, 
I kind of agree with you, but it comes down to the amount and the person.
I’m afraid to say, I do believe running is bad and causes heart disease when you do it too much.
Yes I’m aware of the schemes and totally disagree with getting women over 40 and 50, as you say “all shapes and sizes” who haven’t exercised for years, going out running half marathons etc.  
It’s just not the best approach, very risky.
Running long distances is terrible if you are overweight. 
It will lead to joint problems.
Then you can’t run.
Then you get depressed.
Then you get fatter than ever.
Dieting is the best because you can do it all day every day without injury.
2-3 thirty minute runs is ok, but doing 20 plus miles a week and over 45 miles some weeks (in preparation for a big race), like my running friend, is just reckless, it’s an addiction to the endorphins.  
I let my clients run, but not too much.
It’s the same as everything in life, it’s about the right amount.

The trouble is most people think MORE is BETTER and run and run until they have injuries. 
I agree sport also causes joint problems, I work with lots of people who are more or less disabled and waiting for joint replacements, runners and sports men mostly.
Also lots of vegetarian runners will destroy their health (that’s what my friend was).
It’s just my opinion, based on 20 years experience, and seeing the people after running/sports all their lives.
Hope this helps you understand where I’m coming from.

The lesson?

Everything should be in moderation (even supposedly healthy things like running)

Two or three 5k runs a week would be a guide.

The usual scenario is that someone who hasn’t done anything for ages, sees some initial results from running and then they get hooked, I would suggest you try to focus on a more balanced approach and DON’T try running yourself THIN.

Focuses on a good Diet, good flexibility and muscle strength.

Richard “thinking long term” Clarke

PS – Tomorrow I share an article I wrote last year which received a bit of a backlash…

Some people are so rude!

Tell you more about that then…


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