Still following the OLD rules of weight loss? Try this . . .

Today I have a valuable lesson for any stubborn “ole” goats out there.

The Two Goats:


Two Goats, frisking gayly on the rocky steeps of a mountain valley, chanced to meet, one on each side of a deep chasm through which poured a mighty mountain torrent.

The trunk of a fallen tree formed the only means of crossing the chasm, and on this not even two squirrels could have passed each other in safety. The narrow path would have made the bravest tremble. Not so our Goats.

Their pride would not permit either to stand aside for the other. One set her foot on the log. The other did likewise. In the middle they met horn to horn. Neither would give way, and so they both fell, to be swept away by the roaring torrent below.


The moral of the story is: It is better to yield than to come to misfortune through pride and stubbornness.

And alas its the same with women I speak to.

They are stubborn and proud. For example, even today, many women are still WASTING TIME (and energy) following the “old rules” of weight loss, stubbornly sticking to old methods (like eating low fat foods and having no carbs).

They are stuck in their old routine that they’ve been following for the last 20 years, and are, either UNWILLING or UNABLE to change. So they dig in their heels and keep on going. I admire the backbone it takes to do that, but at the same time I think its short sighted.


Something that’s not short sighted: enter the “new rules of weight loss” nutrition and personal training programmes. They show you exactly how to put all this stuff together, start losing weight and getting fitter straight away.

If that sounds like your cup of earl grey, trot gayly over here:

Richard Clarke

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