Stop The Bullsh*t Please

Every single day I hear the same things from the same people.

Bumping their gums.

All the usual stuff.

“On Monday I’m going to…”

“All I need is …”

It’s all bullshit.

Deep down you know it and I know it.

Most people are so full of shit.

Sometimes even I am.

It’s all hot air and just talk.

Same crap just a different week.

Let me explain why…most people are full of shit and will go back to the old routine at the slightest sign of trouble (or if it’s a weekend).

The trouble is the reason they failed in the past was due to trying to do MORE.

When they are already busy.

Adding more tasks to a already full plate is not a clever thing to do.

Eat more veg

Drink more water

Do more exercise

Eat more protein



Then they wonder why they’re so tired, yet not making any real progress.

So how about this you crazy lady.



Get FULLY committed to doing LESS and we STOP doing shit that holds us back from getting what we want and sending us around in circles…


STOP getting distracted by your phone

STOP trying a new diet every week

STOP missing meals and breaks

STOP getting involved in other peoples lives

STOP listening to people who are negative

STOP punishing yourself if you come off track

STOP believing how easy it is for other people (it’s not)

Sounds cool right?

I’m in if you are…

The best part is, IT ALL involves doing less….

and I’m ALL for having more time my friend…

ESPECIALLY if we can be fitter, lighter and healthier doing LESS.

Rich “STOP” Clarke

PS – Keep an eye out tomorrow for some news you will either LOVE or HATE.


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