The Case Against Having Kids

A normal day in the Clarke household:

For many years my son Louis, now 8, has been led to believe that mums and dads make babies when they have a “special kiss”.

Can’t think who told him that 😉 (ok, yes it was us, the most terrible of parents)

Looking back, and for any parents to be or with young kids, I think the baby being delivered by a stork is a much safer option. Or just don’t have kids.

Anyway, the special kiss explanation was all good, until yesterday that is, when out of the blue, he asked his mum “what type of special kiss makes a baby?”, she nearly choked on her cappuccino.

She placated him, for now, with “you will learn about that when your older”, and she expertly changed the subject.

Who’d be a parent eh.

That is of course, one example of the many untruths we tell children, all in an attempt to protect their innocence.

The day when we discover the truth, that the tooth fairy and Father Christmas are not real, is a sad day indeed, but it was done for the right reasons.

Luckily this sort of stuff doesn’t happen in the adult world, right?


Unfortunately, it does happen, and the consequences are much worse.

Get a load of this:

If an adult is told a lie about something, there is every chance they will NEVER actually learn the truth, and will buy into the lie for decades, maybe even for the rest of their life.

I see this with lots of people who are trying to get slimmer and fitter.

They have been told lies about how to slim down properly, and when they discover the truth, you can see the disappointment, because they have believed (in eating “low fat” or “sugar free” food, just two examples, there are dozens) for such along time.

Others want to carry on believing, just like when I was a kid and I was first told that santa’s not real, in front of my mates in school santa was fake, but behind closed doors, I still wanted to believe.

But as it is with the kids, it is with the adults too.

You need to know the truth at some point. But as an adult it wont destroy you, it will literally set you free.

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Richard Clarke

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