The REAL Cost Of Being Out Of Shape

An observation:

The cost of being overweight and unhealthy is HUGE.

And I’m not talking about the cost of food or alcohol.

Oh no.

The consequences of NOT understanding how to eat properly spread far and wide through our lives.

And apart from being unhappy about things, there are economic consequences to being out of shape.

When all other things are equal, people who are overweight make less money than those of normal weight.Money

So being overweight hits you in the pocket.

It’s wrong, yes.

But that’s what happens in the real world.

So the value of a better understanding of “how to eat”, is that it not only helps you KEEP your job, but also leads to more promotions within your job.

Which will in turn fund your retirement and pay for your kid’s educations (and that will ALL prevent a lot of painful problems in life).

The reality is, that not many people are willing to get out of their comfort zone and put in the small amount of effort required to get into shape, and EVEN when they do put in the effort, they don’t see the progress they ought to because they have been following a plan that’s flawed.

There is a well known, yet hardly discussed, pattern in life (you might even have experienced it yourself):

Years of hard work dieting does not make most people good at slimming and fitness.

Most people get better for a while and then LEVEL OFF and then many more years of hard dieting doesn’t make them any slimmer.

The reason for this? I’m glad you asked . . .

It seems, to me at least, the hard work they are putting in is not focused on learning the right things, and they don’t have access to continual FEEDBACK, which are both essential, if you are going to crack losing weight/getting fit, once and for all.

Food for thought.

To follow a nutrition plan that has strong foundations (it is basic,natural, healthy eating) and gives continual feedback on your progress, you will need to go here and fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

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