The controversial things I don’t talk about, and why

There are a gazillion factors that affect how slim one can get.

Via my daily emails, we regularly discuss the “main” ones like:


There are however, DOZENS of DEADLY topics we COULD discuss. Everything from cosmetics and microwaves to toxic plastic drinking bottles.

But generally I don’t.

For example, one of those deadly topics, and something which DESTROYS weight loss and health faster than anything I know, is having MERCURY FILLINGS in your mouth.

You know, those little black ones.

Not a month passes when I don’t get a message from some poor soul, who is *drowning* in mercury, has no energy, and whose health is at rock bottom, and who wants to have their fillings removed.

Which, is a good move.

Or, it was for me at least.

Not through choice, I’ve become a contact point for information about mercury, because I’ve been through it myself.

I was suffering from mercury poisoning.

So I had 13 mercury fillings removed.

And it changed my life.

I’ve written about it many times and even did a podcast with a dentist about it too.

But why isn’t this stuff included in my slimming club nutrition plan?

I’ve taken it upon myself to NOT tell you.

I’ve deemed theses topics a “step too far”, at least for your average slimmer. Usually, just focusing on the list at the top, is enough.

But in effect, I’ve not been giving you the whole picture.

So, if you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, and try and figure out for yourself (like I did) IF you need to consider this sort of stuff, you can research it yourself or listen to my podcast, which goes deeper into these areas.

But know this: I may not have included these topics in the nutrition programme, but that does not mean I haven’t taken measures to reduce their effects.

I’ve done the thinking, so you don’t have to.

If you want to learn how to eat so that you lose weight practically every day, and do it without being a boffin, then check out my personal training and nutrition programmes.

The 1-1 personal training plan in particular, is not cheap.

And its not for people who cant follow instructions.

But, it works like crazy, if you apply it.

To fill out a form and become a member, go here:

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