The fastest way to fail at slimming . . .

. . . Is to cut corners.

Some slimmers just can’t follow a plan.

Not even close.

After asking for help, then, they not only cut corners, but change the bits of the plan they don’t like for things they do.

Which in essence isn’t wrong.

You’re allowed to make changes, if the changes you make are “like for like”.

The trouble is that’s easier said than done.

This is where lots of slimmers go wrong, they start messing with the plan, and they inadvertently end up with a plan that’s way OFF optimal, and will certainly slow down their results.

What I’m seeing:

– Fresh food like spinach or berries being swapped for frozen ones.

– Slimmers snacking on nuts, all day, every day.

– Members eating the same breakfast every day, from now until the end of time.

And so it goes.

Results stop.

You think the plan “doesn’t work”, so you ditch it and go back to what you know, a combination of diet coke, low fat yoghurts, no carbs and starvation, which will all lead to you getting lighter, but feeling like a sloth on Valium.

My point is this: if a nutritionist comes up with a plan, you should follow it as closely as possible, and IF you do need to make changes, then run the changes by said nutritionist to check they are ok and will not spoil your overall results. Which is what most of my members do, they ask for help and are constantly learning, educating AND improving themselves.

Without cutting corners.

Without wrongly changing things.

and, without having to try a new diet every 5 minutes.

If that sounds like your cup of organic green tea, membership info can be found here:

Richard Clarke

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