World’s most experienced slimmer finally cracks the code to reduce fat and feel great

Self proclaimed “world’s most experienced slimmer” Cath writes:


Hi Richard, I thought you would like to know how big of an impact you’ve had on my approach to slimming. I’ve tried every diet out there I must be the worlds most experienced slimmer and thought I knew it all but I’ve learn’t so much, its info that the other clubs just don’t teach. My results have been fantastic, I’m close to my target of 3 stone and I feel great. I started on the core plan which was great to get me going, but then I had a couple of bad months and realised I was fine Monday to Thursday, and it was the weekends that were messing up my progress. So I was extremely pleased to find out you had a weekend diet. Since giving that a go I haven’t looked back. The diet plan really was the final piece in the puzzle for me. Its helped me crack the weekends and still be able to eat bread, chips or what I want and have a glass of wine, without me ruining all the hard work I’ve put in during the week. Thank you so much, you’ve really changed my life. I wish you the best of success with what your doing. X


I did not invent any of this stuff that I teach.

I’m just teaching what I’ve learn’t and how I’m applying things in the real world, you know, with real people.

I’ve put together some very useful meal plans such as:

-The Core Plan(s)

-The Weekend Diet

– Summer Slim down

-7lbs in 7 Days

-9 Day Detox

-Meat free vegetarian plan

All these plans work.

A few come with their own “WARNINGS”, and should not be abused, or they just won’t work.

Other plans can be followed long term.

The trick is to firstly figure out where you’re going wrong.

For lots of members it was the weekends.

And secondly, come up with a suitable alternative, that doesn’t involve eating rabbit food.

Hence why I designed the weekend diet.

And for those that apply what I teach, the rewards are great.

For more info and to have a plethora of different meal plans for different occasions, and be shown which ones to use when, you wont go far wrong joining one of my personal training or slimming programmes.

To get started, go here and fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

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