7 mistakes that give experienced slimmers a fat belly

Most women I work with would like to improve their tummies.

They tell me how they want it to be flatter, and want to look nice in clothes.

loose jeans

Not like they’ve swallowed a bowling ball.

But often, and despite their best efforts, these well meaning ladies, do lots of stuff that makes their tummies FATTER rather than flatter.

Imagine trying to shape up and just getting worse.

Let me tell you something you may already know. The liver is critical to having a flat tummy, and without boring you, EVERYTHING on the list below will make your liver quiver, so to speak.

There is of course a lot to remember when it comes to losing weight. Its can be so complicated that I’ve even heard it referred to as a “dark art”.

So its easy to get something wrong or misunderstand something CRITICAL to the whole process, without even realising.

I see it happening all the time to some very experienced slimmers.

So if thats sounds familiar, I’ve put this checklist together to help you see if you’re making any mistakes that are making your fat belly worse.

Here’s my 7 mistakes that will give you a big FAT belly boom boom:

#1. Eat lazy meals like toast, sandwiches or cereal, regularly.
#2. Never eat any green vegetables, or any veg at all.
#3. Drink alcohol every week
#4. Eat processed and frozen foods over fresh.
#5. Don’t drink much, if any, water.
#6. Drink lots of coffee, tea or fizzy drinks.
#7. Never plan what you are going to eat until you’re hungry.

They are all of course, sure fire ways to get a FATTER tummy.

To get a flat(ter) tummy you just need to do the opposite, easy.

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Richard Clarke

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