Why ANGER is destroying your progress (and keeping you fat)

Behold this quote by French novelist Marcel Proust:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but having new eyes”.

He is giving out some sound advice.

I bang on about getting healthier, fitter and dropping timber, but more important than all that stuff is your attitude and how you CHOOSE to see and RESPOND to the world. And no matter how cool and calm you think you may be, life can certainly frustrate us and make us all angry at times.

A certain amount is part of life.

But some people are HOPPING MAD all the time. I’ve been there, frustrated and angry, and it seems everything is going against you. (I also blame the toxic food and hormones, but they can’t be entirely at fault).

When someone is angry a lot of the time, they are going to struggle when it comes to consistently eating well and shifting some serious timber, because its only a matter of time until they get peed off about something or someone, and throw their toys. They are their own worst enemy and often cut off their nose to spite their face.

It’s easy to recognise this affliction:

-They are very critical of everything/everyone, “nothing is right”.

-Always looking for (and finding) problems with the smallest of things.

-They make rude and negative remarks about people, and upset those around them.

-They are forever complaining and battling against wrongdoings.

This is of course how NOT to go through your life.

Aside from making you miserable, anger is terrible for your general health, and will likely make you fatter, which will of course make you even angrier, and we dont want that.

So my advice is, don’t take things so seriously.

Take more breaks, have more fun, and only focus on what you can actually control. Even when things don’t go your way, try looking at things with new eyes, and remind yourself about the positive things in your life.

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Richard Clarke

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