Single Mum Of Two Drinks “Special” Smoothies To Boost Energy

I saw something bizarre and thought you may get a twisted kick out of it.

It’s also pretty disgusting.

You’ve been warned.

The health and fitness world attracts lots of crazies and lots of, lets say, alternative approaches.

Check out this approach.

A British woman suffering with low energy has taken to adding a teaspoon of sperm to her morning smoothies.

She blends it up with healthy ingredients like fruit and almond milk.

And if that wasn’t bizarre enough for you, she is single and has the sperm donated by her best friend, and she keeps it in the fridge.

What is the world coming to eh 😉

The lady in question also happens to be a vegan and said she lacks vitamin B12, and that the sperm contains lots.

Since starting drinking her special smoothies, she said she is now full of beans (*cough*) and her mood has improved.

Do I recommend you try this approach?

DEFINITELY NOT. You may lose friends and ruin your children’s lives too, if their friends find out.

And for me here’s the real kick in the nuts, she is a mother of two, a personal trainer and nutritional advisor, so she should know better.

Obviously she’s a bit of a strange lady, as she revealed that prior to this she had been using it as a facial, and said her complexion has improved.

The lesson: stay off the internet, its not safe!

I will leave you with this.

When asked what other people thought about it, she said: “My other mates think I’m strange, but I don’t give a toss.”

Richard Clarke

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