If I was going to eat breakfast cereal, this is what i’d have

A recent conversation between myself and a new member:


Member: I’ve got no energy and I want to lose a stone.

Me & member: (Chats about their current eating habits then I show the new member the core nutriton plan).

Member: What about shredded wheat?

Me: You can eat cereal, but not all the time, if I was trying to lose weight I wouldn’t eat it at all, but if I was going
to eat cereal, I’d have it once a week and I’d have rice Crispies because they’re wheat free.

Member: (recapping out loud) Ok, so we cant have cereal all the time but eggs are ok?

Me: Yes. (I continue and go through lunch options for a few minutes . . .)

Member: What about Weetabix?

Me: Its the same as the shredded wheat, more or less. Shredded wheat has no real nutritional value, its all sugar, and if you have that for breakfast, you’ll be hungry and looking for food again in a few hours. Alternatively, if you had few eggs for breakfast, you won’t get hungry so soon.
Member: Yes you’re right, I’m starving by mid morning every day.

Me: (I continue and go through some dinner options and what to drink for a few more minutes . . .)

Member: What about cornflakes?

Me: Ok (takes deep breath in). What is it with you and cereal?

Member: I’ve eaten it everyday for my whole life.

Me: I understand, lots of people are the same. There’s homemade muesli, porridge and granola recipes in my cookbook, plus breakfast bars, but you can’t lose weight eating those recipes every day either. . . (and on the conversation went).


The lesson: If you’ve been a cereal eater your whole life and you want to lose lots of weight, start by not eating cereal everyday, start to mix it up.

For best weight loss a combination of breakfasts is most effective. Thats where my programmes come in handy, they take away all the hard work and thinking and they give members lots of fresh ideas and show them how to make tasty breakfasts that stop them getting starving hungry before lunch.

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Richard Clarke

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