When Being Healthy Is Bad For You

That’s right, I said it, too much of this healthy stuff can be bad for you.

Let me share an observation I made during the last 12 years working with people who have had heart attacks…

For over 6 of the last 12 years I was responsible for the delivery of a cardiac rehab programme for the local government.

So each year I would get my mitts on hundreds of people who had had a heart attack within the last 12-16 weeks.

People who had heart attacks would be dealt with in 4 phases:

Phase 1 – heart attack and immediate relief
Phase 2 – operations and procedures such as bypasses and stents
Phase 3 – rehab with hospital physios and specialist rehab nurses
Phase 4 – exercise rehab in the community, that’s where I came in

I loved it because I would get a chance to help them back to their previous best and they really appreciated that, having been so unwell.

It was great fun and a wonderful grounding in health based exercise therapy.

One of the big things I noticed, working with hundreds of people each year, was that there seemed to me, broadly speaking, TWO types of people who were having heart attacks.

1.  The first and most obvious ones were what I will call the SINNERS.wine

They had lived the life, eaten, drank and smoked themselves into a heart attack with a poor lifestyle.


B. The not so obvious people who also ended up in the same exercise rehab class as the sinners, were the SAINTS.

It seemed to me at least, some of the people who I would call saints, were “worriers”, they stressed and worried about stuff all their lives.

As a result, they had looked after themselves, eaten well, not drank, not smoked and so on.

BUT still suffered a heart attack.

Maybe you know someone like this too?

Remember this my feathered friend, stress and worry is as dangerous for your heart as a poor lifestyle.

It was quite funny to see these two types of people mixing together.

In the same room you would have former night club bouncers, and people who had enjoyed life to the full, some real characters, exercising next to former high flying professionals and church goers.

One of the lads who was an ex-bouncers, pinched one of the “posh” ladies bums this one day and there was murders.

So the moral of today’s story is don’t be a sinner and have a poor lifestyle, and don’t be a stressed out saint and worry about everything, be middle of the road, and have everything in moderation.

And speaking of moderation, I have written a lovely little “micro book” which will help you learn how you can stop being such a sinner (or too much of a saint either).

And teach you how to put some habits in place which will protect your heart from clogging up.

I explain in detail in the book why it’s not fatty foods like butter and nuts or even cholesterol you should be worried about.

Grab yourself a copy here for £11.99 plus P&P:


Richard Clarke

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