Where conventional medicine fails

I’m not anti-conventional medicine.

Its helpful to be able to take away the pain of a headache or in the case of arthritis, reduce inflammation if someone is having a big flare up.

But where conventional medicine FAILS is that after treating the initial SYMPTOM, they don’t follow through and look for the actual ROOT CAUSE.

What’s causing the headache?

What’s causing the arthritis and the flare ups?

It seems, to me at least, that conventional medicine isn’t really set up to find the cure, but to just plaster over the cracks and treat the symptoms.

A typical conversation between a conventional Dr and their patient goes like this:

Patient: I have indigestion.

Dr: Take some Antacids.

When in reality, the doctor should encourage the patient to make a few simple changes to what they eat. Which is the likely the root cause of their indigestion.

In the case of autoimmune diseases, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s disease, Thyroid problems and Psoriasis, they’re often caused by poor lifestyle choices too, A.K.A the typical western diet and lifestyle.

I say this because the main triggers for autoimmune diseases are usually:

-Poor Food

-Stress and Trauma

-Poor Gut Health

-Toxins and Infections

Often Food is the key in ALL this.

Poor toxic foods cause stress in the body, damage the gut and weaken the immune system leading to increased infections.

The right foods act as medicine and can balance our hormones, heal our gut and help us detoxify naturally.

That’s where my nutrition plans and slimming clubs come in handy.

They not only help you lose lots of weight fast, but in the process, your body will get nourished and will begin to, shock horror, HEAL ITSELF, your inflammation levels will reduce and your autoimmune conditions will IMPROVE.

Food is medicine.

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Richard Clarke

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