The VERY worst time to change your wicked wicked ways . .

. . . Is in the 11th hour.

For example, when you’ve just been told you have a serious illness.

That’s when its hardest time to change.

Just when you’re being challenged the most.

And are inevitably on your knees, physically and emotionally.

You then have to also try to figure out all this healthy eating malarkey and change your lifestyle completely.

Its a big ask.

If you see a problem with your body, you’re gaining weight, struggling to get up the stairs or to bend, or even worse, you have developed joint pain, inflammation, maybe you’re not sleeping, you have stomach problems, DON’T IGNORE IT.

This stuff, if ignored and left unchecked, may eventually lead to more serious problems.

That’s where my personal training and slimming programmes come into their own. Whether you’re trying to make sure you don’t get any serious health problems or if you already have some problems, and want to feel better, either way, the nutrition plans and exercise sessions will help you work towards fixing your health, using food (and exercise) as medicine.

If that sounds like it could be the cream in your coffee, or so to speak, then go here and fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

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