Why her new man went from hot to cold

A story of woe about a lady who found herself back in the fickle world of dating in her forties:

She met a nice guy, and they were getting along well.

That was until recently, when she noticed he was spending less and less time with her. He used to want to be with her all the time, buying her gifts, taking her out for food and drinks, going to social engagements, and lots of secsy secsy time. He looked at her like she was the only woman in the world, and he told her he loved her.

But now?

She hardly sees him. He is spending more and more time with his friends or on his own. And whenever she brings it up he goes all quiet, which is making things worse. Now, they hardly go out and only have secsy time when they are drunk at the weekend.

She didn’t know what to do about her new man’s changing personality, she was having trouble sleeping, and her work began to suffer.

She was asking herself what’s changed?

Have I done anything wrong?

What can I do to get things back to how they were?

It turns out since they met she has gained a load of weight, she had lost her confidence and her sparkle.

He wanted her before because she was slimmer and full of confidence. The changes in her man started when she re-gained a load of weight and lost her confidence in the process.

His actions sound harsh but the dating world is ruthless. When the shoes on the other foot, women also back off if the new man they’re dating starts to gain a lot of weight, especially so in the early days.

The answer to the problem is simple: Lose the weight again and let all that confidence come flooding back.

And, I have a programme that shows people how to do that.

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Richard Clarke

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