One way to drop half a stone by holiday

Yesterday morning 7:45am.

Client: Do you think I should take some Clenbuterol? Someone in my whatsapp group is taking it.

Me: No its illegal, highly addictive and gives you the shakes, anxiety, nausea and palpitations. Plus if that’s your go to solution to lose weight, you will do it over and over again and your body will be screwed in the long run.

Client: Okay okay, what about T5’s?

Me: Are you crazy? That’s a very strong stimulant and a black market drug. Some guy probably made it in his kitchen in the Rhondda. Don’t bother.

Client: Well, I’m not trying those XLS either because one of the girls shat herself in work on those.

Me: (speechless)

Client: So what can I take to help me get half a stone off quickly?

Me: How about that supplement I’ve been advising you to take for the last six months?

Client: Oh yes, I could do that . . .but I will have to stop drinking.

This conversation was a result of a whatsapp group full of women who don’t exercise, havent lifted a finger all year and now want to lose a quick 7-10lbs before their holiday so they look glorious for the beach. All quite normal. My client told me some of the girls in the group don’t even eat food, for dinner one of them has a mars bar and 5 biscuits. So I can understand that a healthy eating plan may be a bit of a leap for her.

Its INSANE that they would take illegal drugs with a list of side effects just to lose 7-10lbs in the next 4 weeks.

Its certainly one way I would not recommend.

Aside from breaking the law and the side effects, some of them permanent, both these drugs will burn as much muscle as they will fat. Which if you didn’t know, will look alright on the scales, but just makes you worse off as you get LIGHTER BUT FATTER.

Something I would recommend, if you want to lose 7-10lbs before you go on holiday, would be to join one of my (very sensible) slimming clubs.

To do that go here and fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

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