Divorced woman reaches target weight

A great story for you:

After the breakdown of her marriage Brenda started putting on weight and when she reached 20 stone, she decided to go on a diet.

Brenda now weighs 9 stone 9lbs.

However the interesting thing was – it had taken her 50 years to do it.

That’s an average of 3lb a YEAR.

Brenda started her diet in her 20’s, and reached her goal in her 70’s.

She shed seven stone over the first decade and says she used a combination of exercise and cutting out cake.

She said: “The diet went well over the first few years, but for the past 40 years I’ve been struggling to lose the last three stone.”

It’s an interesting story.

Firstly, well done to Brenda, anyone who sees something through to the end should be congratulated.

But before we get out the banners and have a party, lets be honest here. I’m sure Brenda could have, and would have, liked to have done it a lot quicker, but alas, she is not alone in her lifetime pursuit.

Statistics say that the average women is ‘on a diet’ for 30 years of her life.

I find it unbelievable.

Spending the best part of your life on a diet.

There really is no need for it to drag on this long. It’s a difficult goal, but not 30 or even 50 years worth of difficult.

My message today:

Put it to bed.

Get the job done.

STOP messing around with it.

Lose the weight.

Of course, its easier said than done, and if you’re not careful, you could waste a lot of time trying to figure it all out like Brenda and so many others have done.

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Richard Clarke

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