Why Is Your Diet Broken?

Ok picture this…

You have been trying to lose weight for the last 10, 20 or 30 years.

You have tried every method, slimming world, weight watchers, herbalife, lighter life, bla bla bla.

They worked for a while but then stopped.

Long-term, THEY all failed to help you.diet advice

You’re unsure where to turn or what to try next…

So what’s WRONG with all these diet plans?

Why do they stop working?

Sorry to break it to you but I will tell you what’s wrong…


YOU are the problem NOT the diet plan. The one common denominator is…YOU.

EVERY diet I have ever tried in the last 20 years has WORKED.

If people stick to them and are committed they ALL work.

I always know when someone is COMMITTED because they are CONSISTENT.

If you have trouble being consistent I have some advice for you today…

You need to improve YOU.

You need to get stronger.

It’s a mindset thing.

Before you try and “take things to the next level”. (and fail again)

Make some changes to yourself.

Otherwise you won’t be “strong enough”

We want change.

But we don’t change ourselves.

So my message for you today is to look at yourself.

You are the problem BUT you are also the SOLUTION.

Change the way you think about all this weight loss palaver (great word).

It’s actually a way of life.

A way of eating.

(Not just something you do when you have an event coming up.)

It’s a permanent change.

You can’t go back.

Something to think about.

Interesting right?

Listen I can’t make you into something you’re not (it’s impossible)


Support you

And give you the tools that will help you lose weight fast and without too much effort.

PLUS show you how to stay on track for the LONG TERM.


Richard “it’s not the diet it’s YOU” Clarke

PS – Tomorrow we look at an alternative way to motivate yourself, with DEATH.

It’s actually very interesting and I have a video which is sure to inspire you.


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