Will I be the fattest one there?

Since I have started to run a slimming club, women have been asking me “Will I be the fattest one there?”.

What a question to ask eh.

What if i said “Yes madam, and y a country mile”.

But in all seriousness, it is a good question.

And I get asked it all the time.

It’s most often asked by people motivated and SERIOUSLY thinking about sorting themselves out.

Usually they want to find a suitable program/person to help them get back in shape, and are considering their options.

When they ask if they will be the fattest one there, they also really want to know things like:

-Is it a place where they will feel welcome and NOT feel intimidated or left out?

-Is it a place where they can get fast results?

-Is it a place where there are people having the same problems as them?

(I like to think our slimming club tick all these boxes, and more, as do lots of others I imagine).

But here’s the thing my friend, it doesn’t really matter if you are the fattest one there.

Because you ARE THERE.

So if your debating, considering and and waiting for the right time to get started, let me share a couple of things:

It doesn’t matter ONE BIT where you are at right now with your weight.

As long as you ARE a person who does not give up at the first sign of trouble.

Plus you ARE NOT a person that blames everyone for YOUR lack of results

…You can join my little slimming club.

Plus, if you fill out a form now, you can come and try a session, have a chat, see how we do things without paying a penny.

To fill out a form and try a class to see if you like it, go here:


Richard Clarke

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