You’ll either be wiping your own butt or someone else will be doing it

Just read a shocking news report:

“Middle age health crisis” Warning – was the headline on the beeb.

Now, I knew things were bad out there, but this is what shocked me:

EIGHT in every 10 people aged 40-60 are overweight, drink too much or get too little exercise.

If these figures are even close to the truth, most people are screwed.

You would do well to realise that anything you do for your health in your  40’s and 50’s is very important.

You either set yourself up for a nice active retirement going on holiday and doing nice things, with your time and money.

Or you could set yourself up for spending lots of time and money on visiting the doctor, having surgery, worrying you way to the grave.

Do the basics. Hedge your bets I say.

And maybe, just maybe you will be able to look after yourself and be one of the 2 in 10 people who are healthy.

Like an old experienced cardiac rehab nurse once said to me:

“Richard bach, it comes down to this; you will either be wiping your own ass, or someone else will be doing it for you.”

I know which I would prefer.

(CLAP CLAP) Wipers! (coming to america fans will get that)

Richard Clarke

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One thought on “You’ll either be wiping your own butt or someone else will be doing it”

  1. Time to get thin,
    Got know time for negative people trying to bring me down…Time to unzip this fat suit I’ve been wearing… lol

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