How The Naughty Elves Have Started Xmas Already

Here’s the word on the street.

Women (and most likely Men too) are losing their minds.

For example:
I’ve heard every day for the last couple of weeks “well Xmas is here now“, as if Xmas is a 6 week celebration.

I m gonna start in the New Year“.

I’ve got so much on this month, its so busy I’m not sure I will be able to make it“. (which are valid excuses)

Until you see what people are busy with: mince pies, mulled wine and chocolate. Some women remind me of Elf on the Shelf, they get up to so much mischief in December.

Which makes me a little sad, as all their hard work throughout the year, will be wasted because they’ve started Xmas three or four WEEKS too early.

Some people LOVE Xmas so much, and all the treats associated with it.Homemade various christmas gingerbread cookies

Now I’m no Grinch.

I love this time of year.

But for me, and many of my clients at least, its more about time off, time together, than it is about eating and drinking ourselves sick. That said of course I intend to have my fill, but not three times a day for a MONTH. And its no surprise, every year the same people who started Xmas too early and said “I will start in January” are so run down, tired and unwell, that you don’t see them til February.

Of course all this is the worse case scenario.

I’m sure you’re not that “stupid” to think you can have a month of abuse, and not suffer the effects for a good while after.

Something to think about.

That’s why we still have people signing up to our programmes during December. Andrea, who joined last week dropped 6lb in her first week, now she has a little “wriggle room” for Xmas, which is always nice.

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Richard Clarke

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